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Air Transportation

We have a broad network of qualified representatives throughout the world that positions Point Logistics as one of the most efficient and safest companies in this type of traffic.

Marine Transportation

As an international cargo agent, Point Logistics handles all type of loads in maritime transport, FCL /LCL /BREAK BULK /RO RO from and to any part of the world.

Ground Transportation

Our experience in logistics and terrestrial transport validates us to diagnose, plan and optimize processes and have specific units available for any type of load in any geographical location that might be requested to us.

Logistical Service

The integral multimodal logistical process of Point Logistics guarantees the optimization of the different operational tools, allowing us to keep all members of the transport chain and their auxiliaries informed about the status of the shipment.

Cargo Insurance

It is essential for all transport of goods made by your company to be protected by a reliable insurance company in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

Point Logistics acts as a broker for one of the most important insurance companies of the country, which allows us to offer an appropriate insurance for your goods with the best support.